What makes Well Care 24/7 Nursing and Care Agency different from other providers. We trying to answer general questions you might need to know.

What makes Well Care 24/7 Nursing and Care Agency different from others?

• As a healthcare provider we are reliable to all our customers and staff.
• We ensure to provide high profiled staff to meet the needs of our clients in various aspects of care request.
• We offer 24/7 service alert to meet the emergency needs of the customers.
• Our staff are frequently monitored, assessed, and supported from the beginning of their employment by our management team.
• All are staff are very friendly.
• Our team provide complete support to Nursing and Residential homes.

Why choose us?

• 24/7 Service availability
• Ensure all staff are met with compliance
• Always aim to provide high quality service
• We act on complaints quickly and faster
• Competitive rates pay
• We treat our customers and staff in equal respect
• Quality is our focus.

What type of roles are available at well care Nursing and Care Agency?

We choose both temporary and permanent staff for the position available, in various departments. We have work in nursing homes, private care homes and residential homes for Qualified Nurses, Health Care Assistants, Domestic staff and Kitchen Assistants.

How many hours I have to commit?

Here at well care 24/7 Ltd, we allow staff to choose their hours and they are their boss. It can be full time, part time, extra hours, weekdays or weekends.

How do I get paid?

You can be  PAYE and we pay our staff every weekly.

How about training?

At Well care 24/7 Ltd, we have our own trainer, who train our staff from the scratch as needed for the requirement’s. We do the refreshment training every year. We have our own training Centre and all the mandatory refreshment trainings will be done one the centre.

I’ve never registered with an agency before what do I do?

Our role is to find you a job that matches your skills, experience and for a team you would love to work for. Please register your interest and we will give you a call to discuss the first steps.

How do I register with Well Care 24/7 Nursing and Care Agency?

Please register at the online site available on our website.

I think I have registered online and I haven’t heard from you, what should I do?

If a consultant has not been in touch within 24 hours, then it is likely there has been an error and we have not received your details. Please call our branch office land line number and we will gladly assist you.

I’ve applied online what happens next?

A member from our team will be in touch with you within 24 hours. We will have a chat with you over the phone to assess your suitability to the work we have to offer and if we believe we can assist, you will be invited for an Interview and also you need to provide Well care with your identification documents to register. You can also upload all your Identification Documents on our Application link via website.

How long does the process take to complete before I can work?

If you can provide all the necessary identification, qualification documents and have completed your application forms, the only other things required are a current DBS (We are happy to accept a DBS which is registered on the update service) and references. References will be attempted to be collected prior to your interview and if they are provided and are suitable you could be working as soon as you want to.

I have applied for a vacancy online, does this mean that my details have been sent to the client?

No, we never share your details with a client without your consent. If you have applied for an online vacancy that we are advertising, we will respond within 24 hours to discuss the post with you.

Will you guarantee to find me regular work if I register with you?

Our team are highly trained with a broad network to ensure we can find you roles that suits you. This will give the consultant a range of roles. However, there will be times when we cannot find the perfect position for you. Our guarantee is that if this is the case we will be completely honest with you and advise you accordingly in a timely matter.

Are all your jobs available now?

Unlike some other agencies who often advertise jobs ‘just in case’ a position comes up within that team, we only advertise roles where we require additional workers to satisfy the client. We believe in complete honesty, which ultimately saves everyone involved time.

Do I have to accept all work offered to me?

No! We believe in honesty from our Consultants and Candidates equally. If you are offered work that you do not feel is suitable to you or if you try and don’t like an environment, location or client group, we ask everyone to advise us of this as we understand how that would make you feel to be pushed into something you don’t want to do.

I am currently completing temporary work through another agency, can I continue to work at the same place through Well Care Nursing and Care Agency?

If you would like well care to represent you in a current temporary assignment as you are unhappy with the service you receive from your agency, we will gladly make all the arrangements to transition you to Well care if the client is happy for this to happen. This is not a problem in most cases.

Can I find Permanent work through Well care Nursing and Care Agency ?

Absolutely, we are often asked to find candidates for permanent roles in Social Care settings. We also have numerous agreements that allow you to transition to become a permanent employee after you have proven your suitability during a period of temporary work with the client.

Where is the location of the work I will do for Well Care Nursing and Care Agency?

We believe in local offices supplying a local workforce to the local population. If you have registered at our local branch all of the work you will be offered will be within your agreed travelling distance. 

What do I wear to work?

Each client may have a specific requirement but generally sensible closed toe shoes, trousers and your Well Care 24/ 7 Ltd polo shirt or tunic are the only requirements along with your Well care  24/7 photo ID badge which will provide you with. You will be advised in advance if a client has any other requirements.